Xinye Jiang is an established and creative designer who graduated from Parsons, The New School of Design in New York City. The company is registered in New York City in 2016. Niu Niu as what she was fondly called during her childhood years, has design aesthetics filled with passion and she believes that a jewel could represent a second identity for a woman, which reveals a combination of style and romance.

She studied in New York for almost five years and created the brand Niu Niu New York and then moved to Paris, eventually creating her eponymous brand, Xinye Jiang. As an Asian growing up to a rich and colorful traditions combined with her exposure to American and European culture, her innovations, modern thinking, and classic upbringing are comprehensively expressed in her designs. With her strong and unique creativity, her designs are molded with sophisticated craftsmanship. And with the injection of modern and elegance, it creates a vivid and interesting experience. Jiang wants her brand to express the confidence of a modern woman. She believes that a woman doesn’t have to struggle with “rules” and "roles". Be confident and independent, that is what the brand represents.


International Chic Filled with New York Passion.


Xinye Jiang

Designer Xinye Jiang releases her eponymous brand Xinye Jiang in 2017 during her studies in Paris. She realizes that any beautiful thing needs to have a soul, individuality and depth. Never stop finding yourself. As an Asian growing up to a rich and colorful tradition filled with colorful elements combined with her exposure to American and European culture, her innovative and modern thinking brings brave design concept in jewelry. She chooses precious stones like diamond, malachite, and agate to create vivid illustrations. The color choices are always bold and attractive.

The brand Xinye Jiang is divided into two main categories: Jewelry is made of 14k/18k gold, diamonds, gemstone, and pearls; Fashion Jewelry is gold plated silver, zirconites, nucleus pearls etc. Jewelry emphasizes elegance and uniqueness. Fashion Jewelry is more lively showing interesting movements. Jiang wants her designs to build up a strong mindset for women. Braveness is based on accumulation of confidence. Don’t struggle with rules and roles. “Be confident and independent. Be bold and brave.”

Niu Niu New York

Designer Xinye Jiang established the brand Niu Niu New York in New York City in 2016. Most of the inspirations come from New York that is a modern, fast-paced city filled both with skyscrapers and interesting crowd. You have to be stronger and stronger in order to survive here. Niu Niu, as the designer was fondly called in her childhood years, grew up to be a poised, positive, and strong woman.

In Niu Niu New York, there are many powerful, elegant, romantic designs decorated with sparkling zirconite and classic nucleus pearl to express a confident and independent woman. Products are gold plated silver or brass.